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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Event planning: Round 1...

Hi All,

I've just decided that Thursday will be my regular day for posting on this blog, so that'll be the day to come and look and what is going on. I've been pretty busy since Monday pursuing various leads and possibilities.

I've just confirmed Paul Finch for the event, who is a pretty experienced scriptwriter and will be involved in a session exploring this form of writing. I'm also looking to have a slot for young adult writing at Alt.Fiction so we can broaden out the event. I'll be glad to hear any panel ideas that people may have...

I've sent some enquiries to possible participants for next year and there are a few fairly big names in there...I don't want to jinx it but I'll keep you posted on the yes and nos! Obviously there will be quite a few of last year's participants invited back although I can't invite everybody back for a second time (although I believe the majority would come back if invitied!). I'm basically going to work on the first-timers initially and get onto the repeat visitors in due course so I don't want anyone to be disheartened! Even if I'm not inviting people back it's more than likely there are possibilities for 2008 and beyond.

Next Thursday I'll be fairly busy working at a Deaf and Integrated Arts conference...I've been on the steering group since coming into post and it's nice to see the whole thing coming to fruition. The event has drawn people from around the country which is really encouraging. That's the next big thing on the horizon and then I have a week's holiday at Center Parcs from the 26th which will be a great chance to relax and unwind.

Anyway, expect some more news in the near future...things should be taking more of a shape next time I post.




Blogger Damien G Walter said...

Hi Alex,

Good luck with your planning for 07. I've just added you to my feed reader so will get automatic updates whenever you post anything new on the blog. Look forward to seeing you at the next LDO meeting.

5:06 AM  
Blogger Alex Davis said...

Hi Damien,

Loving the photo- very mysterious.

I thought the sooner I could get going on the planning the better...a few people are already booked up for next year and it's 10 months away!!



5:36 AM  

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