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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Latest Author news...

Hi All,

I've decided to post today because it's very likely that I won't be in the office at all tomorrow as I'm working away at a conference- I'm looking forward to it mind, it's been really good seeing the whole thing take shape and it'll be even better to see the final product.

On to Alt.Fiction however and things have been developing- I've made agreements for the day with Steve Dean (author of Soulkeepers, pub. by Hades Gate, Tony Ballantyne, David Barnett (author of Hinterland), Freda Warrington, Graham Joyce, John Berlyne (of SFRevu), Tim Lebbon and Iain (M) Banks. It's a real pleasure to be bringing such great names to Alt.Fiction and I already think next year is shaping up to be even bigger than this year's event. The only bad news was that Brian Lumley was already booked for the date over in the US- however he got back to me very promptly and seemed to be thankful for the offer. Maybe next time around...

I'm still purusing some further big names plus making arrangements for various launches with publishers- if we're going to keep Alt.Fiction going it needs to support the trade at large and this year I'm trying to do that through making a real commitment to promoting publishers both large and small.

I'm also working on negotiating discounted hotel rates for those who want to stay overnight before/after the event so I'll make sure to keep you posted on how that develops. I'll be aiming to offer people as good a deal as possible in terms of keeping ticket prices low, keeping quality high and working to improve the offer of the event at large.

That's all for now...It'll be about a fortnight before the next post because of my upcoming holiday but hopefully we'll have even more exciting news then.




Blogger Chris said...

Good news on Iain Banks and Graham Joyce, Alex: two names to whet the appetite of genre fans!

4:47 AM  

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