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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Post-holiday update

Hi All,

Apologies for the short period of non-posting but I was away on holiday during all of last week. A really good break in Center Parcs, relaxing, unwinding and all that. Unfortunately much of that was undone when the roof of our bedroom decided to leak profusely on Sunday evening- I think it's actually being repaired as I type this. And of course you come back to a full in-box, in-tray and answering machine- it's taken me this long to get anywhere near caught up!

So, on to the Alt.Fiction latest and I have to say I'm becoming quite excited about this event. I'm in initial talks with Adam Nevill and Peter F Hamilton about appearing at next year's event and even more great news in that Harry Harrison will be appearing at the event. It's a real honour to have such a science-fiction legend appearing in Derby and I'd like to thank Paul Tomlinson, who has been a instrumental in securing this and has been very supportive of Alt.Fiction throughout its lifespan so far.

Of course we're not yet done for writers and hopefully there will be plenty more big names coming and supporting the event. I think this year presents a real opportunity to cement Alt.Fiction's place in the calendar and mark it as one of the significant events in the UK for genre readers.

Finally, I am in talks with a couple of Derby hotels to try and secure reduced booking rates for people attending the event. Both the European and the Midland have been very helpful so far and if you are thinking of travelling in I think this will be a real benefit for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates...




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