alt.fiction 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

And now the panic sets in...

Hi All,

Two days away and things are certainly picking up towards the big day. For the first time I'm really starting to feel the nerves about it. As some of you will know, as organiser when something gets this close you start playing through all manner of awful scenarios that could happen between now and then. Thankfully largely they never happen, but it doesn't seem to stop you worrying!!

I've got boxes and boxes of stuff piled up ready to take over to the venue, which will be a task for tomorrow. In fact I've been told I could make myself a fortress around my desk if I re-organised these boxes a bit, and it's a tempting option...

The programmes have arrived and I'm really pleased with the way they look. They're A4 but fairly light-weight so they shouldn't be too much to carry around!! Really nice glossy look and hopefully everybody on the day will like them. They're a nice souvenir as well as a handy guide to the day, or at least I hope that's the case!!

T-shirts are now here for our volunteers and also looking good. I've been rounding together various other necessary bits and pieces- plastic bags, raffle tickets, blu-tak, flip's surprising how much it can actually mount up but if the event needs it then the event shall have it.

I spent a while yesterday afternoon on Radio Derby promoting the event- I managed not to trip up anything, get all the main details in and hopefully convey just how exciting it all is. The presenter, Alex Trellinski, was great as well and pretty much put me at ease, which was a decent achievement bearing in mind it's only my second time on the radio!

Tickets have been going well and I'm really looking forward to a good crowd on the day. I think we'll have quite a few people coming along on the day as well, so I'm really optimistic of recreating some of the atmosphere of last year.

I think that's about all of my final thoughts- hopefully I'll see most of you on Saturday for a fantastic day!!

Thanks a lot


Monday, April 23, 2007

5 days? Is that all?

Hi All,

Well we're into the final week. I have cleared the diary on the final run-in to the big day, my only appointment being an interview on Radio Derby on Wednesday afternoon. That should be fun- only been on a couple of times before so it's good to be invited on. We also had a really good mention in the Derby Evening Telegraph over the weekend so that's encouraging.

So what more can I say? It's all go in the closing stages really. The t-shirts have arrived for our volunteers, and the programmes are being printed as we speak. I'm arranging everything that I need to take in terms of notices, information and preparatory notes. We're currently at two boxes and counting...

Have been discussing at length with our venue about the layout of each room and the foyer area and I think it's all set up to my satisfaction. It's exciting moving into a fourth room and hopefully that will improve the choice and quality of the day.

Also been confirming all the details with catering and we shall have a good range of food available at the bar throughout the day, although obviously if you feel the compelling urge to go for a wander around Derby you are more than welcome to do so. Just keep your badge with you for re-entry.

The team of volunteers is now gathered together and we should be suitable staffed up for the day. We have several people coming back to volunteer for a second year, which is great, as well as some new faces.

We've also confirmed one more bookseller, Tessa Harrington over at the former Ad Astra Books. That makes a total of four different booksellers as well as Interzone and Elastic Press having a stall.

I'll be heading over Friday to drop most of the stuff off at the venue, and perhaps even setting a little of it up, which would be a great head start to get.

So that's all for now- expect another post before the big day. Hopefully I'll be seeing many of you there and if you haven't booked up yet there are still som tickets left, so there's still time to join in! You can check out the webpage at if you're interested in attending.

Thanks a lot


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 weeks and counting

Hi All,

Now Easter has come and gone we are well and truly into the final run-up to Alt.Fiction. It's all pretty full on but things are taking a very firm shape now and it's an exciting time.

Latest news:

1) There has been a slight rejig to the day, with Mike Carey's session on graphic novels now taking place in the larger Reception Suite and Bloody Books' Read By Dawn Launch now taking place in the '45 Suite, which puts together all the book launches in one space. This leaves a free workshop slot, which will be filled in the next day or two. Full details will be posted on

2) Details have now been confirmed for the Alt.Fiction film screening, which takes place on April 29th at 3pm. The film will be 'Mulholland Drive', as selected and introduced on the day by Ramsey Campbell. It's exciting to be working with Metro and to be able to extend the Alt.Fiction event to another cultural space in Derby. Tickets will be £5.85, £4.85 concessions with a £1 discount on display of Alt.Fiction attendee badge or ticet stub. Further details at or you can call on 01332 295858.

3) Early discussions have been had with the venue as per how the space will be laid out as well as catering arrangements on the day. I know there were a few niggles on these two points from last year, which have been taken into account with the aim of producing serious improvement this year.

4) We are looking for volunteers on the day!! The venue will be getting set up from 9am and we will be needing volunteers from then until around 9:30pm. Obviously you can work hours to suit, and duties on the day can also be discussed. You can reach me either at or on 01332 715434 if you'd like to discuss further.

5) For those of you interested in horror writing, there are still a few places left on Tim Lebbon's horror writing workshop in Leicester on the 27th April. You can check out further details on that at

6) Just to note that come the event we are hoping to have some details on some of the first names booked for Alt.Fiction 2008. Look out for details on the day.

Keep heading back for all the latest updates in the final run-up to Alt.Fiction. You can reach me with any enquiries on or on 01332 715434.

Many Thanks