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Friday, July 14, 2006

Early morning update

Hi All,

Posting bright and early into work at 7:30 this morning despite having had a rather busy last few days (working on interviewing for 11 hours yesterday...). This does offer the advantage however of being able to leave early for a slightly longer weekend.

Alt.Fiction has been continuing to gather pace and I've been lucky enough to be able to invite numerous of last year's guests back for a second time. Return visitors so far include Chris Teague, Andrew Hook, John Jarrold, Alison Davies, Mark Morris, Sarah Pnborough, Peter Crowther, Ramsey Campbell, Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan. I have also extended an invite to the Write Fantastic and have so far had a definite yes from Chaz Brenchley, Stan Nicholls and Juliet McKenna.

At this point I'm trying not to accrue too many more guests as we only have limited time and space to fit them into...anyone else attending would have to be a pretty big name to force their way into the line up. I'm really happy with the way it has shaped up this time around and people seem really keen to take part, which is really encouraging for the future of the event.

In related news....

I will be over at FantasyCon in September if anyone wants to collar me for a chat about Alt.Fiction or any other subjects at large really....I'm hoping to have some kind of pre-publicity so people can take some details away with them should they wish to. I'm also hoping to get to NovaCon in November although that could be based on finances rather than my desire to go...

I've been in talks with Chaz Brenchley to bring his Phantoms at the Phil down to Derby for Halloween and have agreed a date of October 26th. I love the idea of the event (nothing beats a good ghost story...) and I'm really looking forward to finding a suitably atmospheric venue. Those of you who watch Living TV will be aware of Derby's ghostly reputation and I think we will be able to find an amazing venue for the night.

Jenny Barber's blog at Bradan Press reports that Derby is in the final two contenders for FantasyCon 2007. I'd be thrilled to have the event in Derby and it's something I'd really look forward to getting behind in my capacity here. We'll just have to see what pans out...but I'll be there either way!

I suppose that's all for now- next time I'm on I'll gather together a full guest list for everyone to peruse...




Blogger Chris said...

I like the idea of FCon '07 in Derby - two genre-events in the same city, same year...

2:01 AM  
Blogger Alex Davis said...

Hi Chris,

That's exactly what I was thinking...I think that it could really help Derby develop a reputation as a genre-friendly city!!



3:38 AM  

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