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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Onwards and upwards...

Hi All,

Things for Alt.Fiction have been increasingly taking shape, so a quick update on the latest plus some other tidbits of interest...

Probably most important of all the Alt.Fiction webpage is now up and running and you can check that out at You'll be able to see the latest programme for the day, link to online ticket purchasing and find out more about Derby if you are planning to stay overnight.

And for those of you staying until Sunday- I'm currently working on arranging a film showing at out local independent cinema, Metro, to tie into the event with an author introduction. Full details on that early next week.

I've found out in the last couple of days that Paul Finch, who was due to take part in a scriptwriting session, will unfortunately be unavailable on the day. We're currently looking at a slight shift in that session, and again the updates will be here and on the webpage.

For those of you who are astonishingly organised, the date for next year's event is already down and will be 26th April 2008. I'm hoping to have a few names confirmed by the time this year's event comes around.

Flyers should be out the week after next. I'm hoping to send them to print by Monday and distribute through the course of that week. Last year we had 10000 although I may go for a few less this time around. Sales so far have been pretty encouraging.

I've been involved in some events over in Leicester by the name of Fantastic! and the first of those ran on march 6th featuring Paul McAuley and Ian Watson. Although I couldn't be there due to a prior work commitment all reports have been really positive. The series still has a whole host of events left featuring Ramsey Campbell, Graham Joyce, Peter Hamilton, Tim Lebbon, James Barclay and more. You can find full details at

Finally for all you Michael Marshall Smith/Michael Marshall fans, Michael will be appearing in Derby on March 15th at the Guildhall Theatre, supported by three leading local crime writers in Rod Duncan, Sally Spedding and Clare Littleford. If you're interested in a ticket you can visit

I'll also be opening up a Derby literature myspace in the near future, so will be posting that address up here also. As always if there are any question about Alt.Fiction don't hesitate to contact me at

Many Thanks



Blogger David said...

Oh, I feel really hacked off that I'm missing this now. Especially seeing someone else's name in my slot. Have a good one.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

... and I was rather looking forward to Finchy's panel.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Alex Davis said...

Hi All,

David- These things happen sometimes unfortunately- there's always next year. I've booked the date up if you want to be really efficient about it and book it off nice and early!!

Chris- It's unfortunate but we've just booked up Stephen Gallagher for that slot. Which is good news.


2:48 AM  

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