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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's been a long time...

...since I put a post up! So apologies for my rather quiet nature recently. Fundamentally I've been buried in events through most of October and only now am I starting to poke my head above the parapet. We had some really good ones and overall I was a happy man come the end of a very busy period.

It's a quick update as I'm off to another event this evening but things are beginning to take more shape for Alt.Fiction- the latest version of the program will be going to authors for approval later this week, the contracts with the venue have all been signed and all the copy has gone to the venue inclusion in their early 2007 brochure. So it is beginning to move again...

FantasyCon was a few weeks ago and that was an absolutely brilliant weekend, so expect my rather more extensive thoughts on that in due course, plus we have Chaz Brenchley and Northern Gothic bringing Phantoms down to this neck of the woods on Thursday, so expect some kind of reportage on that also. The Alt.Fiction reading group opens for business in Derby soon also, so I'll post details of that in due course.

Must dash- it's a half hour walk to this venue, but expect a rather longer and more satisfying post in a day or two...




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